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Portable cnc plasma cutting machine
New Bigbee dual plasma torch cutting machine
New model Honeybee Similar laser plasma cutting machinee

Heavy duty plasma cutting machine Model: HBCNC-4000X12000X1C+1A
CNC flame cutting machine
Multi-head cutting torch cutting machine

500W fiber laser steel cutting machine HBF-3015R-500W
Honeybee 300W fiber laser cutting machine HBF-3015R-300W
Hypertherm powermax series consumables


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Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dalian DHI-DCW Group Co., Ltd., is a first-class technique intensive enterprise of research, manufacture and sale by taking advantage of first grade technique researching ability and production ability of DHI-DCW Group Co., Ltd.
Our HONEYBEE brand CNC cutting products include Portable Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machines, Gantry CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machines,Pipe cutting machine, Bench Type CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machines, Multi-head Straight-line Flame Cutting Machines,Fiber laser and co2 Laser cutting machines… Read More →


Our Clients Say it Best
  • First let me say thank you for this opportunity. We absolutely love our Honeybee!This product has helped us raise money for our school and our FFA Chapter. The CAD program has taught my students so much and requires technical skills that makes them employable in their future. We have had this program and machine for 3 years and we have learned a lot. Your tech support is great and really helps when we get stuck. With the Educational program we will be able to install it in the computer lab so that all students have access to it. Thanks some much for your support. We greatly appreciate you and this program and machine. –Peter from Oman

  • First of all let me thank you for selling me a great machine. I purchased your two axis portable cnc cutting machine 10 years ago, and i must say it Rocks!!!! Still to this day I have used this machine day in and out over the last 10 years, and I have built my business running your equipment. The machine has paid for itself several times over and over throughout the years. I purchased the machine with the intentions of using it for cutting out custom bracket's for doing fabrication on my hot rod project's .After getting more familiar with everything and the machine built there was a big learning curve I needed to know before I could start really using the machine as I knew nothing about computer's let alone anything about x y and z or dos or how to draw anything in the software. I think I must of drove David Yang crazy over the phone asking question's, but I managed to get it figured out. Anyways I found out that there was a big demand at the time for iron art cutout's, and I was able to pay off my machine in the first two year's with just doing art work addresses and signs and brackets for my fabrication stuff. One of the bigger highlights of my cutout work is the pony express monument I built for the northern Nevada pony express association. The size of the silhouette stands 10 ft tall x 12 ft wide and weights 1,100 lbs. Since then I have been subcontracted through a hand full of companies to do their cut out work. I quit my automotive tech. career of almost 30 years about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. Thank you sincerely, –Bill Muerle-USA

  • I bought the basic kit from Honeybee about 7 or 8 years ago. I have only had a couple of issues over the years – both were quickly taken care of by technical support. My table has been in continuous operation since the time I got it up and running. I found it easy to scan drawings and import them into the Honeybee controller .The possibilities this equipment has opened for me is impossible to convey! I now ship to customers all over the country. –Robin UK