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Metal Laser Cutter

For both Plate and Pipe Cutting; 1500x3000mm-2000x6000mm Plate Cutting; 0-20mm Mild steel Cutting;


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Pipe and Plate Laser Cutting Machine



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  • The Honeybee Plate Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter is designed in accordance with EU standards, and every detail strives for perfection. It integrates electric box structure, rotatable operating table, double limit protection, simple design and saves floor space. It is mainly suitable for cutting galvanized iron sheet, white iron sheet and other materials, and is widely used in the cutting and perforation of air-conditioning ventilation ducts, oil fume exhaust ducts, ventilation and gas hoods in hotels, restaurant kitchens, factories, parking lots and other fields.




    Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, safe operation, and stable performance.

    The spot quality is good, the deformation is small, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

    Adopting imported servo motors and guide rails, and it has high cutting accuracy

    Professional software to design various graphics or text for immediate processing, flexible processing, simple and convenient operation.


    Support Both Plate and Pipe cut to save cost.
    * Cut Pipe diameter up to 300mm.Plate size 2000x6000mm
    * Thick sheet refers to 20mm sheet.
    * Machine appearance, technical parameters, function description, data comparison shown in this page are from our laboratory.
    All testing results and experimental data shall be subject to real machine.

    Parameters of the plate pipe laser cutter :





    Max pipe cutting

    160mm(Round Pipe)

    210mm(Round Pipe)

    300mm(Round Pipe)

    Plate Size




    Pipe length




    Laser power




    No-load Speed




    Loading Weight of Platforms




    X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy




    X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy




    Cypcut laser control system.

    CypCut flat cutting software is a software suite specially developed for deep customization of laser cutting.

    Industry, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions.

    Help finding edges

    Two-stage capacitive edge search with dual-drive drift autocorrection)

    Aerospace aluminum Beam

    High hardness:

    Aerospace aluminum is manufactured to aerospace standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press. 

    The hardness can reach T6 after processing.Light weight and high moving speed)

    Super heavy welded bed

    It is welded with heavy steel plate, the current main bed frame, high stability;

    Effect strength annealing treatment, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform;

    Reinforcement ribs are arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed and effectively prevent deformation of the bed;

    The increased weight of the laser base, small machine vibration and good shock resistance ensure improved cutting precision.

    Auto focus Laser Cutting Head

    Bigger Adjustment Range

    Adjustment range -10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20mm different types of plates.

    Long Service Life

    Collimator lens and focus lens both have water-cooling heat sink which reduces the temperature of the cutting head to improve the life of the cutting head and laser parts


    Clamp Design

    It adopts an pneumatic clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically. The diagonal adjustable range is 20-300mm.

    Clamp Design

    Cutting samples:

    Pipe cutting samples:



    1. Common Processing materials for Laser cutting machine?

    stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, pickled plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.

    1. What are the core components of Laser cutting machine?

    Fiber laser, stepper motor, servo motor, bed, laser head, water chiller, control system, etc.

    1. What are the common Fiber laser cutting machine consumables?

    Protective lenses, nozzles, ceramic rings.

    1. What factors affect the accuracy of Fiber laser cutting machine?

    The shape of the laser beam, the width of the slit, the accuracy of the table, and the material of the work piece

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