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plasma and laser cutting machine

Working Size Up to 3000x12000mm; Laser Power 10KW-30KW; 20-45mm Mild Steel Cut

Working Size:

Laser Power:

Cut Thick:



20-45mm Mild Steel


Laser cutting machine CNC Laser cutter metal plasma and laser cutting machine laser cutting table big cut size laser cutting machine


Gantry Type Laser Cutting Machine



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  • This Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine have large cutting working size up to 3x16meters which can use for shipyard industry. It have much less shipping cost compare to a table type laser cutting machine. Usually need a frame container to ship a 6000 x 2000mm working size laser cutter which cost much high. Further a frame container can not ship a 3x6m working size table type laser cutting machine.



    1. The fuselage adopts a low center of gravity design and a compact structure.
    2. The maximum fast forward speed can reach 60m/min
    A safety light curtain is installed directly in front of the fuselage for high safety.
    Professional cutting system, easy to operate!
    3. Gantry double drive adopts advanced rack and pinion transmission structure. Equipped with ground gears and racks, assembled in one measurement with precision collimators. The machine will ensure long-term high cutting speed, high precision transmission.
    4. The guide rail base processed by a large gantry milling machine, secondary high-temperature annealing, high-strength welding, long-term use.
    5. The beam structure adopts modular design, and the aviation aluminum control processing can effectively control the weight of the beam. This structural design greatly improves high-speed response and cutting accuracy.

    Technical parameters:

    Laser typeFiber laser
    Laser power3000W-20000W optional
    Cutting area12000mm*3000mm
    Max cutting thickness0-45mm mild steel,0-50mm stainless steel
    Max moving speed0-50m/min
    Cutting accuracy≤0.02mm
    Min cutting ker0.10mm
    Cooling modelwater cooling
    Power supplyAC 380V±5% 50Hz
    Power Consumption30-120 KW
    Rail TypeTaiwan Linear Rail


    Details of the laser cutting machine:

    Controller:Cypcut FSCUT8000

    FSCUT8000 is EtherCAT bus system designed for ultra high power fiber laser above 8KW, featured by out of box service, easy to install and adjust, full solution functions. It supports customization, automation and informatization solutions, is the leading edge EtherCAT laser cutting control system on the market.

    1. Supports AI, DXE, PLT,Gerber, LXD and other graphic formats, and accept the international standard G code generated by Mater Cam Type3, Wentai and other software.

    2. To conduct automatic optimization when opening/importing DXE and other external files, including: to remove repetitive lines, merger connected lines, remove tiny graphic as well as automatically distinguish inside and outsdie dies and conduct sorting. The above each function can be defined as well as ne carried our manually.

    3.Tosupport common editing and typesetting functions, including:zooming in and zooming out, translation, mirror, rotation, alignment, copying, combination and so on. 

    4. To use the easiest way to set the lead, slotted compensation, mircro connection, bridge connection, lead inside or outside, lead seal without gap and so on.

    5.To distinguish the inner mold and yang cut, determine the direction of slotted compensation in accordance with the innenr mold and yang cut, and check the led. .

    6. Tosupport curve splitting and connection, curve smoothness, text-to-text, component integration and exploding.

    7.Time-saving automatic nesting feature that automatically co-edge and generate excess material

    8.Easily fill plate through a variety of array patterns.

    9.With Flexible automatic sorting and manual sorting functions, to support the function to fix the processing order of internal graohs in group though group

    Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head:

    • Bigger Adjustment Range :Adjustment range -10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20mm different types of plates.
    • Long Service Life:Collimator lens and focus lens both have water-cooling heat sink which reduces the temperature of the cutting head to improve the life of the cutting head.

    Laser Source:

    6KW,12KW 20W America IPG Fiber Lasers Source for optional
    World Famous Brand

    Honeybee H series fiber laser cutting machine equip high power fiber laser of IPG. Powerful cutting ability with stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials, cutting thickness is up to 40mm.

    Long Service Life

    The world leading IPG laser has stable performance, the service life can reach 100000 hours, and the overall quality of the equipment can be guaranteed safely.

    Stable Cutting Performance

    Fiber laser source can produce excellent beam quality, finer cutting lines, higher working efficiency and better machining quality. Fully closed constant temperature working environment makes laser source more effective to ensure the stable operation.


    Super heavy welded bed

    • It is welded by heavy steel plate, the current mainstream bed structure, high stability;
    • Effect force annealing treatment, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform;
    • Reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile resistance of the bed, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed;
    • The heavier weight of the laser bed, the small vibration of the machine, and the good shock resistance ensure the improvement of cutting accuracy.





    Laser cutting samples:


    Q:What is a laser cutting machine?

    A: Laser cutting is an advanced and widely used cutting process in current material processing. It is a thermal cutting method that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a "cutting tool" to cut materials. The laser beam with high power density irradiates the workpiece, so that the irradiated material reaches the ignition point or melts and ablates rapidly. At the same time, the molten material is blown away by the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, thereby completing the cutting of the workpiece. CNC laser cutting machine has the advantages of precision manufacturing, special-shaped processing, flexible cutting, one-time forming, fast speed, high efficiency, etc. It has solved many problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods in industrial production. significance.

    Lasers can cut most metallic and non-metallic materials. In the electrical manufacturing industry, it is mainly used for the processing of sheet metal switch cabinets; in the transportation machinery industry, it is mainly used for the manufacture of conveying machinery, handling vehicles, and loading and unloading machinery; in the petrochemical industry, it is mainly used for cutting oil screen seam pipes; in automobile manufacturing In the industry, it is mainly used for cutting complex-shaped body sheets and various curved surface parts, including plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting; in the construction machinery manufacturing industry, it is mainly used for the processing of mechanical structural parts; in the medical equipment industry, it is mainly used for medical machinery. The manufacturing can meet the requirements of medical machinery precision, safety, surface roughness, etc.; in the decoration industry, it is mainly used to cut the decoration of various public leisure places, such as hall wall decoration, advertising signs, etc.; in the packaging industry Among them, it is mainly used to process packaging boxes of various shapes and sizes.

    Laser cutting machine hardware is mainly composed of bed, beam, workbench, laser, cutting head, voltage regulator, water cooler, electric control cabinet, gas source (oxygen, nitrogen, air), the system includes electrical system, mechanical system, gas Road system, optical system, hydraulic system, lubrication system and cooling system, it is an automation equipment integrating machine, light, electricity, gas and liquid. The processes used in the machine tool manufacturing process include bending, welding, machining, assembly, etc. The mechanical transmission structure includes screw nut, rack and pinion, and timing belt. The main mechanical transmission is rack and pinion transmission. The main reason is that the gear transmission has precise instantaneous transmission, can withstand heavy loads, and has high efficiency.


    Q:What Are The Advantages of fiber laser cutting?


    ●Good processing quality and low labor cost

    In the actual processing and production process, we will find that its processing quality is very high, and the whole cutting process is very fast. The processing and production advantages of high-quality products are more obvious, and the appearance is smoother and cleaner.

    ●Automatic typesetting saves materials and reduces production costs

    Laser cutting is also an option because it is not limited to cutting patterns. Autotypesetting can now be used to save material. The entire cutting surface is smooth and clean, and the processing cost is low.

    ●High precision, effective increase in productivity 

    As an alternative process of shearing and flushing, laser cutting technology has the characteristics of accuracy, flexibility and high efficiency, and can effectively process various complex parts. As long as the cutting graphics are entered into the control system, the cutting size can be set to help directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, effectively Improve labor productivity.

    ●Low maintenance cost and high cost performance

    The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, and the laser cutting machine has stable performance, is durable, can work continuously, is not easy to be damaged, and has great advantages in terms of later maintenance costs.



    Q:How much does a fiber laser cutting machine ?

    A:Laser cutting machine is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency cutting equipment, which is widely used in the cutting and processing of metal, non-metal and other materials. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous increase of market demand, the price of laser cutting machines is also constantly changing. So, how much is a fiber laser cutting machine? This article will give you a detailed introduction to the reference price information of laser cutting machines on the market.

    How much is a laser cutting machine?

    1. Low Power Laser Cutting Machine

    Low-power laser cutting machines generally refer to equipment with a power below 3000W, which is suitable for cutting and processing with low material requirements. The price is relatively low, generally between 15,000 USD and 20,000 USD

    2. Medium Power Laser Cutting Machine

    Medium-power laser cutting machines generally refer to equipment with a power between 3000W and 6000W, which are suitable for cutting processing with high requirements on materials. The price is relatively high, generally between 20,000 USD and 40,000.00 USD 

    3. High power laser cutting machine

    High-power laser cutting machines generally refer to equipment with a power of more than 12000W, which is suitable for cutting processing with extremely high requirements on materials. The price is relatively high, generally more than 100,000.00



    It should be noted that the above prices are for reference only, and the specific price needs to be analyzed according to the brand, quality, configuration and other factors of the equipment.

    Factors Influencing the Price of Laser Cutting Machines

    Before understanding the price of laser cutting machines, we need to understand the factors that affect the price of laser cutting machines.

    The price of laser cutting machine is mainly affected by the following factors:

    1. Power level: The power level of the laser cutting machine directly affects its cutting speed and cutting thickness. The higher the power, the higher the price.

    2. Cutting range: The cutting range of the laser cutting machine is also one of the factors that affect the price. The larger the cutting range, the higher the price.

    3. Cutting materials: Laser cutting machines can cut a wide variety of materials. Different materials have different cutting difficulties and requirements, and the prices will also vary.

    4. Brand and quality: The quality and performance of different brands of laser cutting machines are also different, as well as the price.


    Suggestions for purchasing laser cutting machines:

    1. Cutting material: Different cutting materials require different laser cutting machines, which need to be selected according to actual needs.

    2. Cutting range: Choose equipment with a moderate cutting range according to actual needs to avoid wasting resources.

    3. Brand and quality: Choosing well-known brands and high-quality equipment can ensure the stability and service life of the equipment.

    4. After-sales service: Choose a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service to ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

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