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Portable Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Working Size:1500x3000mm; 0-25mm Mild Steel Cut By Plasma; 2 Year Warranty!

Working Size:

Cut Thick:


0-25mm Mild Steel


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Portable Type CNC Cutting Machine

Plasma/Oxy-fuel Cutting



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  • This Portable Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine equipment with digital program control. In addition to automated cutting, it has high cutting precision, high material utilization, and high production efficiency. Along with the mechanical electronic technology and computer technology progress, the CNC cutting machine with its good man-machine dialogue operation interface, powerful auxiliary support function, and relative low equipment investment, is being valued by more and more enterprises and more widely used in production. It can be widely used in car, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, engineering machinery, a hardware company, light industrial machinery, and other industries. Suitable for cutting metal sheets, such as the carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, aluminum, copper (plasma). It particularly applies to a single piece with abnormity surface and the mass production.


    High Lights:

    1. Easy to Learn
    2. Simple to Use
    3. Low Cost
    4. High Performance
    5. Mature Technology

    Parameters of the Gantry CNC portable cutter:

    Machine ModelHNPG-1530FP 
    Input Voltage220V/110V,1 phase, 50HZ / 60HZ  
     Rated Power Supply300W
    LCD Display Dimension7 inch
    Cutting Speed0-6000mm/min
    Effective Cutting Width (X axis)1500mm
     Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)3000mm-6000mm
    Plasma Cutting ThicknessDepend on Plasma Source
    Flame Cutting Thickness5-160mm
    Longitudinal Rail Length3700mm
    Longitudinal Rail Width2000mm
    Plasma Air PressureMax. 0.8Mpa
    Net Weight320kgs
    Gross Weight 350kgs


    Package Volume and weight:


    Wooden cases


    Net Weight

    Gross Weight

    Main machine

    1 case




    Longitudinal rails, cross beam, flame torch, cables and other accessories

    1 case




    Fangling Controller

    1. Build-in 48 different shape
    2. Loading Cutting File By USB
    3. Easy to use

    Anti-Collisiton Device

    To protect Your Cutting head when plate is not flat

    Torch Height Controller

    High sensentive torch height control, automatic torch height control, torch will go up and down when plate not flat


    CNC Plasma Cutter , Plasma Cutting Machine For Iron , Aluminum , Stainless Steel Cut Samples:



    What Is A CNC Plasma Cutter?

    CNC plasma cutters are computer numerical controlled metal cutting machines that use plasma torch to cut metals into different profiles and shapes with CNC controller, including mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, iron, brass, copper, alloy, aluminum, bronze, and titanium. A CNC plasma kit is composed of machine frame, plasma CNC controller, plasma power supply, plasma torch, blade or sawtooth plasma table, driver, motor, plasma CNC cutting system, plasma CNC cutting software, guide rail, ball screw, optional parts and consumble parts. CNC plasma cutter is also known as plasma CNC cutter, CNC plasma table, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutting system, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC oxy-fuel gas cutting machine, CNC flame plasma cutting machine, CNC oxy fuel cutting machine, CNC plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine. 


    What is a plasma cnc cutter?

    Plasma cutter is a new type of thermal cutting machine for metal fabrication, which uses working gas and plasma arc with high-speed & high-temperature as the heat source to melt the metal locally, and blow away the molten metal with high-speed airflow at the same time to form a narrow plasma cut seams. This cutter is used to cut various metals, like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, and more. It not only has narrow cutting seams, fast cutting speed, small heat-affected zone, flat cut, low work-piece deformation, simple operation, but also has significant advantages and energy saving effect. It is applied in all kinds of machinery, metal structure manufacturing, Mould repair and installation service, sheet metal fabrication, hole drilling, digging and patching, beveling and more metal cutting projects & plans.  


    What Is A CNC Plasma Table?

    CNC plasma table is a type of plasma CNC cutter with custom welding table top, which can be well adapt to cut metal projects with different sizes. CNC machines have a high degree of manufacturing flexibility, high accuracy, stable quality, high productivity, easy to improve working conditions, and are conducive to modernization of production management. CNC plasma table is a combination of plasma cutter and CNC technology, which can give play to the greater advantages of plasma cutting. In order to realize automatic cutting, CNC plasma cutting table must be capable of continuous feeding and automatic feeding, and the cutting torch must be able to move separately or in combination in the horizontal and vertical directions to form the required cutting curve. The various functional parts of the machine must be able to closely cooperate and coordinate to achieve precise continuous cutting. At the same time, various technical parameters can be flexibly adjusted and optimized to meet the cutting requirements of different metals.  


    How Does A CNC Plasma Cutter Work?

    Plasma cutting is a machining method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt at a metal workpiece, and to eliminate the molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum to create a slit. Plasma cutters send an electric arc by using gas like oxygen, nitrogen or compressed air. This turns the gas to plasma, as well as it promptly blasts through metal to cut it with broadband. A flame cutting torch works by adding a blast of oxygen to the flame which oxidizes the metal and turns it into slag. The plasma torch moves with a tool path directed by a computer. The term “CNC” means “Computer Numerical Control”, which implies that a computer is used to control the motion supported G-code in a program. Compared to handheld plasma cutters, plasma CNC cutters realize automatic machining with high efficiency, high speed, and high quality. 


    What Are Plasma CNC Cutters Used For?

    What materials can a plasma cutter cut? Plasma CNC cutters are used for cutting sheet metals, square and round metal tubes, including iron, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy, bronze, aluminum, titanium. Plasma cutting machines are widely used in the industries of machine tool manufacturing, petro-chemical equipment, light-industrial machinery, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure, etc. Plasma cutters can be applied to hobbyists, home shop, home business, small shop, small business, school education, industrial manufacturing.


    What is a CNC portable Plasma cutter?

    Portable CNC Plasmamachine The machine is portable, easy to setup, compact in structure, small in space and low in manufacturing cost. However, due to the limitation of the cantilever structure, the stress conditions are poor, the transverse deformation is prone to occur, the transverse cutting width is limited, and the rigidity is poor during high-speed cutting.However our M-bee plus cutter can work as wide as 2500mm without shake for flame cut,and 2000mm width without shake for plasma cutting,due its special and durable design.


    What Are The Advantages of Plasma Cutting?

    Plasma cutting is an efficient metal cutting method for sheet metal and metal tubes, which has made it to be widely used in many different industries. You can get benefits from 10 best advantages with fast cuts, ease of use, lower cost, safe to use, multi-tasking, expanded versatility, wide range of material and thickness, eliminated plate warping, raised inside piercing speed, and diminished dross. Compared with traditional manual & semi-automatic metal cutting method, automatic CNC metal cutting system is an integration of quality improvement and cost-efficiency. CNC metal cutting machines include computerized numerically controlled plasma, flame, water jet and laser cutting machine. It performs automatic, full-time, high-quality, high-utilization and efficient cutting according to the CNC nesting software. In industrial production, metal thermal cutting generally includes gas cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Compared with gas cutting, plasma cutting has a wider cutting range and higher efficiency. The fine plasma cutting system is close to the quality of laser cutting in terms of the cutting surface quality of the material, but the cost is much lower than that of laser cutting. It has shown great advantages in saving materials and improving labor productivity. This has promoted the development of plasma cutting system from manual or semi-automatic to numerical control, and has become one of the main directions of the development of numerical control cutting technology.


    What does the CNC plasma cutting machine can cut and what it can do?

    It can cut thicker metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys, cast iron and other metal materials. You can also use plasma gun to cut insulating materials and non-metallic materials with thickness of more than 150mm.
    The cutting speed is fast, and the production efficiency is high, especially when cutting thin metals with high power, the production efficiency is improved more significantly.
    The cutting quality is high, the slit is smooth and flat, the incision is narrow, and the heat-affected zone and deformation are smaller than other cutting methods.
    Low cost, due to the high speed, the use of cheap gas such as nitrogen requires less raw materials and labor than other methods to cut the same material.


    How much does a CNC plasma portable cutter?

    Usually common quality CNC portable plasma cutting machine that have 1500×3000 working size for plate cutting function ,the price will be USD 1300-1800.
    And high-level quality ones is USD 2500-2800.
    Heavy duty portable type with big working size 2500x3000mm working size price is USD 3500-3800 .
    Above price is not including plasma supply. Plasma supply price depends on brand and cutting thickness. Hypertherm plasma that cut around 10mm cost about USD 2800,20mm cost about 5600.
    Chinese brand cut 8mm ,around USD 500, 15mm about USD 1100,25mm about USD 2350.
    looking forward your contact with more questions.

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