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Mini CNC Plasma Cutter For Small Workshop

Working Size:1600x3400mm; Model:HNP-1600 ; Cut thickness:0-20mm by Plasma;

Working Size:



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Portable Type CNC Cutting Machine



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  • Microbee is a compact size but full function CNC plasma cutting machine can work with any plasma that cut the shape from CAD.with good cutting performace and high cost effective ,

    it is plays an important roll in metal plate cutting areas.


    Model:HNP-1600 Gen I 

    Economic,light weight;Compact!

    Both plasma and flame cutting

    Standard working size 1600x3400mm

    Size can be extended to 1600x8000mm 


    Technicial parameters:

    ModelHNP-1600 Gen I
    Power Supply Voltage220V/110V
    Power Supply Frequency50HZ / 60HZ
    Rated Power Supply180W
    LCD Display Dimension7.0Inches
    Effective Cutting Width (X axis)1600mm
    Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)3400mm
    Cutting Speed0-3000mm per minute
    Plasma Cutting Thickness2–22mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
    Flame Cutting Thicness5-150mm mild steel
    CertificateCE, ISO9001:2000
    Cross Beam Length2200mm
    Longitudinal Rail Length4000mm
    Longitudinal Rail Width345mm
    Host Machine Dimension (L*W*H mm)508*344*305
    Cross Beam Weight9.3kg
    Host Machine Weight26.7kg
    Longitudinal Rail Weight34.5kg
    Total Net Weight70.5kg
    Plasma Power SourceTHERMADYNE Cutmaster151 ,CutmasterA120 Hypertherm PowerMAX /45/65/85/105,ESAB A60,A120
    Plasma AirOnly press Air
    Plasma Air PressureMax.0.8 Mpa


    Package Dimension:
    ContentDimension (L x W x H) mm
    Host Machine580 X 430 X 420
    Guide Rail and other accessories2600 X 330 X 245
    Plasma Power Source457 X 315 X 696



    Linear Rail

    Taiwan Solid Rail:Stable and Precesion, Can extend to 15meter length:

    Unique designed Honeybee Build-in torch height control boards:

    No need complex parameters

    Pre-set cutting height

    Pre-set initial cutting height

    Easy to use for operator.

    Honeybee Professional CNC controller:

    Fast Response, Easy operate, Build-in 24 different shape ,Support English, French, German,Spanish, Korean, Saudi Arbic Language ect


    Cut samples:

    (Above parts Cut by Microbee CNC plasma cutting machien with Hypertherm Powermax45)



    What is plasma cutting machine?

    Plasma cutting machine (Plasma Cutting Machine) is a machine for processing metal materials with the help of plasma cutting technology.
    Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to partially or partially melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece, and uses the momentum of the high-speed plasma to exclude the molten metal to form a cut.


    What is a portable cnc plasma cutter?

    Portable CNC plasma cutting system suitable for either plasma or oxy–fuel cutting processes.  It comes standard with piercing height control, automatic torch height control, and a shape library with 24 pre-programmed designs.  When more complex shapes are required, the M-bee uses the included FastCAM software to convert standard CAD files (DWG and DXF) and transfer them to the controller via an integrated USB port.


    How to choose a portable cnc plasma cutter?

    1.what is the max size of the plate you cut ?
    2.what is the material and thickness of the plate do you cut ?
    3.Do you have a plasma supply or you want the CNC cutting machine go with one ?
    4.Could you make drawing by CAD? the machine will go with a programme software that work with CAD files;
    5.Do you want to have cnc portable plasma cutter for hobby or industry use ?
    6.what is the quality rang you want ?  the price for cnc portable plasma cutter range from $1200-$12000 of different model and brand. some chinese brand cost $1200, and brand like ESAB crossbow HD cost about $12000, some chinese brand are using a External torch THC ,it need complex setting. ESAB CROSSBOW HD using build-in type THC which do not need complex setting.


    How to use a portable CNC plasma cutter?

    1.you need to prepare a work table have 1500x3000mm working size
    2.you need to prepare a the air compressor
    3. prepare the power, 110v /220v 1 phase for cnc cutter,and 380v 3phase for plasma supply.
    4. you need to prepare a computer to make CAD drawing that you want to cut. and install programme software that go with the machine.

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Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Plate and Pipe

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