The Power Of Trust

Our company culture emphasizes integrity and responsibility. We uphold a high degree of professional ethics and responsibility, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and establish a good industry image.

August 2021, a domestic customer finally chose us after many comparisons. He purchased one of our gantry type portable flame CNC cutting machine. Althought a small machine, it reflects the trust our customers have in us.




















Our client is a new user, he do not know about the portable cnc cutting machine. We guide the customer step by step, and finally the customer can operate it skillfully. During this period, if the customer has any questions, we will actively respond to the customer.Maybe it’s because the quality of our machines passes the standard, or maybe it’s because our service attitude satisfies customers. In February 2024, the customer purchased another 20kw fiber laser cnc cutting machine with exchange worktable.

At present, we have delivered the machine. The next step is to help the customer install and debug it, teach the customer how to operate it, and always pay attention to the usage of the customer's machine. We hope that the customer can use it smoothly. With the progress of society, laser cnc cutting machines have gradually replaced plasma cnc cutting machines. You can contact us if you need cnc cutting machine. We will definitely treat our customers with 100% sincerity.Choosing Honeybee CNC is your right choice!