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laser slat cleaner

laser cutting machine slat cleaners is used for slat cleaning.


slat cleaners laser cutting machine slat cleaner laser machine slat cleaner


Laser Welding

Slat Cleaner for Laser Cutting Table



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    The Laser Slat Cleaning Machine is moved along the slats on the bed of a laser machine, to remove slag that accumulates while cutting. Cutting tools ride on each side of the slat to lift and remove the slag. It may be used on steel, copper or hybrid steel/copper slats. When not in use it may be rolled along the floor and stored in the upright position.



    1. Amazing cleaning results

    Totally remove the accumulation of slag due to our unique design and process of the laser grates plate cleaner.


    1. Suitable for all brands laser cutters

    For use on most manufactures, such as Bystronic, Trumpf, Amada, Mitsubishi, Mazak and more, both CO2 and fiber type laser machines


    1. Suitable for diverse metal slag

    Well-suited for a variety of materials such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper.


    1. Simultaneous cleaning and production

    If your laser cutting machine has shuttle worktable, can clean the grating plates / slat during the cutting process..


    1. Operated by one person

    With the long handle, need only one person to clean the slats effortlessly.


    1. Cost reduction up to 80%

    With the dross cleaner, you can clean the grating plates multiple times before they need to be replaced.



    laser cutting machine slat cleaners Technical parameters:


    Input Voltage

    220 VAC, single phase

    Max dross/slag width

     30 mm (1.18’’)

    Rated Power

    2300 W

    Remove dross/slag lines

     2 lines

    Slat Thickness

    3-6 mm ( 0.11--0.22’’)


     30 KG ( 66 pounds)


    1400 r/minute

    Overall Length

    2.3 m ( 90”)



    Before clean and after clean:

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