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Plasma Cutting Table

1500X3000mm plate cut; 50-300mm round pipe cut; 0-25mm steel plate cutting

Working Size:

Cut Thick:


0-25mm steel


1530 plasma cut table 5x10 plasma table cnc cutting table plate pipe plasma cutting machine plasma cutting table plasma cutting aluminum


Plasma/Oxy-fuel Cutting

Table Type CNC Cutting Machine



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  • This CNC machine for sheet metal cutting table-Trailblazer adopts integral structure, making installation easier and more reliable. This cutting table adopts double-side driving to make the torch does longitudinal movement followed by straight tracks. The light design of the crossbeam has good rigidity, light self-weight, and good stability of movement. The machine is equipped with water tank type dust-removing equipment, in order to achieve environmental protection requirements; a smoking type dust-removing equipment also can be applied according to the customer’s needs. The plasma table is suitable for high-speed cutting thin sheet made of stainless steel, aluminium sheet and nonferrous metals etc. Additionally, it also has able to cutting thick plate. The machine is widely applied for sheet-metal working, auto parts, Wind turbines, and steel mould industries, etc .




    No need make cutting table at customer end.

    No need assembly at customer side and save customer time and money.


    Technical Parameters:
    Cut Size 1500*3000mm,1500x4000mm,2000x4000mm
    Drive systemJapan AC servo motor and Gear & step motor for optional
    Cutting Thickness

    0.5-25mm mild steel by plasma ;6-50mm mild steel by oxy-fuel cutting

    50-300mm round pipe cutting(Straight cut)

    Cutting Speed0-10m/min
    Moving Speed0-10m/min
    Power1KW+Plasma power
    Input Voltage3 phase 380V,or 2 phase 220V
    Power Frequency50Hz,60Hz
    Files TransferUSB Interface
    Plasma Supply OptionUntouched Arc Striking,Hypertherm,Victor, China Taiwan plasma generator option

    CNC bed

    The Heavy Duty strucutre ensures the long-term operation is non-deformation-free, and the operation is vibration-free to ensure accuracy. At the same time the workbench can store water.


    Independ controller cabinet,strong anti-jamming ability, Easy operation

    17 inch display easy to operate.


    Drive unit

    Panasonic drive unit to make sure the high running precesion and long life use.

    Torch Height controller

    Prevent the cutting torch from being damaged by the parts cut or uneven steel plate and stop the machine immediately to avoid loss


    Both plasma and flame cut, Anti-collision


    Taiwan Brand Linear Rail

    Taiwan or Japan Liner rail to make sure the high cutting precesion




    How to choose a plasma cutting table?

    1. Price

    No matter what kind of plasma is purchased, it is very important to consider the budget factor, because if the budget is ignored, even if the expected effect can be achieved, if it exceeds the budget too much, it may not be purchased. At present, the plasma is mainly divided into two categories: domestic and imported. Among them, the domestic price is divided into three specifications: low, medium and high, but generally speaking, users should still be able to accept it! The price of imports is several times higher than that of domestic products, and even dozens of times, and consumables such as cutting nozzles and electrodes are also much more expensive! Under normal circumstances, imported plasma has better cutting effect than domestic plasma with the same specifications. The disadvantage is that the price and later use cost are too high, which is difficult for ordinary enterprises to accept!


    2. Cutting thickness

    No matter what kind of plasma, it has its own most suitable cutting size range. Generally, low-power plasma is suitable for cutting thin plates. This is well-known, but the plasma power is too large, but it is not suitable for cutting thin plates! At present, domestic steel plates below 2mm are mostly cut with domestic 40-60A plasma, and occasionally imported ones are used, but the quantity is not large because the price is relatively expensive. It is hereby solemnly stated that for steel plates below 2MM, remember that except for the high-speed desktop thin plate special plasma cutting machine, any other models: such as portable, gantry, etc., are not suitable for cutting. If it exceeds 2mm, it is not subject to this restriction and can be used. For thicker steel plates such as 2-16mm steel plates, both portable and gantry models can be cut. If it is thicker, such as 25mm or even thicker plates, only gantry models are the right choice!


    3. Cutting material

    The technicians who are generally engaged in metal processing know that plasma is used to cut stainless steel and other alloy materials is its strength, carbon steel plate mainly relies on flame cutting to work, so as long as there is stainless steel, you must choose a plasma cutting machine! Otherwise, processing cannot be achieved with flame!

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CNC Plasma cutting machine

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