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Laser Welder

1000W 2000W 3000W Fiber Laser Welder for 0-5mm mild steel welding

Cut Thick:

0-5mm mild steel


Fiber Laser Welder 2kw laser welder Handheld welding machine price 1500w laser welder handheld laser welder cost fiber laser welder


Laser Welding

Handheld Laser Welding Machine ≤2Kw



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  • The fiber laser welding machine is generated by the laser source and transmitted by the flexible optical fiber path. After being focused by the focusing lens in the welding head, the laser acts on the weld seam between the processed materials. With the help of the protective gas (to prevent the material from being oxidized), the material is liquefied to form a specific molten pool, so as to achieve the purpose of welding.


    ItemMain ComponentsBrief Description
    1Laser SourceContinuous fiber laser, central wavelength  1080±3nm
    2Transmission Fiber10m Flexible optical fiberQBH port
    3Fill Wire welding Torch

    Light and compact, with safety circuit trigger protection function, 

    with wire feeding mechanism

    4Wire FeederPatent design
    5Control SystemChinese and English operation interface, touch screen control
    6Machine EnclosureOne-piece design with universal walking casters
    7Water ChillerWater chiller for fiber laser
    8Wire Feeding SystemIntelligent control system




    Fiber Laser Welding Advantages:

    1. Hand-held operation welding, flexible and convenient, can be any shape, any angle welding;
    2. The equipment is small and easy to move. It is not only convenient for long-distance welding of large workpieces, but also for outdoor welding;
    3. Simple operation, easy to use, no need for professional welders; Simple operation, easy to use, no need for professional welders;
    4. The welding speed is fast and the efficiency is more than 5 times that of arc welding;
    5. Beautiful weld, small deformation, saving the cost of subsequent grinding and shaping;





    Fiber Laser Source:

    We only use good brands laser source such as IPG, Raycus, MAX. They stand for stable running and good quality. All have 2 years warranty.

    Welding Torch/Gun:

    Interface Type    QBH

    For power range 1000--3000W

    Laser wave      1064-1080nm

    Spot adjustment     (0.2-5 ) mm

    Collimation focal length   60mm Focus focal length    

    150mm Pina lenses        

    D18X2mm Cooling method :    Water cooling

    Weight        0.8KG


    Cleaning Function:

    We have Multi-function Laser machine. It can Weld, Cut and Clean by one machine. Clean means can remove rust and greasy dirt on the metal surface.

    Cutting Function:

    The Handheld Multi-function Laser Machine can cut steel as well after replace the welding tip to cutting nozzle. It is handheld type, so it is not so efficient and powerful as the Laser Cutting Machine with Worktable.

    Spare Parts:

    We offer different laser welding tips and wire feeding nozzles for different welding job such as External fillet welding, Butt welding,etc.


    What is a fiber laser welding machine?

    1. Laser welding is the use of high-energy laser pulses to locally heat materials in a small area. The energy of laser radiation diffuses into the interior of the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool. It is a new type of welding method, mainly aimed at the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts, which can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding, etc., with high depth-to-width ratio, small weld width, and small heat-affected zone. The deformation is small, the welding speed is fast, the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, no treatment is required or only simple treatment is required after welding, the weld seam quality is high, there is no air hole, it can be precisely controlled, the focusing light spot is small, the positioning accuracy is high, and it is easy to realize automation.


    What are the main parameters to buy a laser welding machine?

    • Power density

    Power density is one of the most critical parameters in laser processing. With a higher power density, the surface layer can be heated to the boiling point within microseconds, resulting in a large amount of vaporization. Therefore, high power density is beneficial for material removal processes such as drilling, cutting, and engraving. For a lower power density, it takes several milliseconds for the surface temperature to reach the boiling point. Before the surface layer vaporizes, the bottom layer reaches the melting point, which is easy to form a good fusion weld. Therefore, in conductive laser welding, the power density is in the range of 104~106W/cm2.
    Pulse waveform
    Pulse waveform is an important issue in welding, especially for sheet welding. When the high-intensity beam hits the surface of the material, some energy on the metal surface will be reflected and lost, and the reflectivity will vary with the surface temperature. During a pulse, the metal reflectivity changes greatly.

    • Pulse Width

    Pulse width is one of the important parameters of pulse welding. It is not only an important parameter different from material removal and material melting, but also a key parameter to determine the cost and volume of processing equipment.

    • The effect of defocus

    Because the power density in the center of the spot at the laser focus is too high, it is easy to evaporate into holes. On each plane away from the laser focus, the power density distribution is relatively uniform. There are two types of defocus: positive defocus and negative defocus. If the focal plane is above the workpiece, it is positive defocus, otherwise it is negative defocus. According to the theory of geometric optics, when the distance between the positive and negative defocus planes is equal to the welding plane, the power density on the corresponding planes is approximately the same, but in fact the obtained molten pool shapes are different. At negative defocus, a greater depth of penetration can be obtained, which is related to the formation process of the molten pool


    How much does a fiber laser welding machine

    The price of laser welding machines ranges from more than two thousand dollars to two to thirty thousand dollars. At present, the quotations of laser welding machine manufacturers are generally determined according to the added value of the brand and the equipment configuration. The added value of the brand is mainly reflected in the manufacturer's equipment, workmanship and after-sales service. The equipment assembly process and quality of different laser welding machine manufacturers must be different. The difference is that it has been established for a long time and has rich experience in equipment assembly, which can avoid some unnecessary design defects and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
    In addition, the after-sales service is also a relatively important point. Many manufacturers have been established for a relatively short period of time, and the after-sales service is not very perfect. Large brand manufacturers will have a complete system and response time in terms of after-sales service, and can quickly judge and solve problems to ensure the normal operation of customers' equipment.
    The price of the laser welding machine has a lot to do with the configuration type of the equipment. Don't pass it immediately when you hear the high price! Don’t think it’s cheap when you see the low price. It depends on the brand, after-sales service and your own needs. Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., as a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China, unremittingly promotes laser equipment in various industries. In the application, and to provide customers with a complete set of laser industry application solutions, it is worth choosing!


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