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Hypertherm plasma parts

Supply Hypertherm Powermax45,65 SYNC, 85 SYNC,105 SYNC,HPR130XD,HPR260XD,400XD,XPR170,XPR300 plasma nozzle, Electrode, Swril Ring, Retaing Cap,Shield,Torch Ect


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Plasma Systems and Consumables

Plasma/Oxy-fuel Cutting



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  • We are OEM partner of  Hypertherm located in China.

    Supply Original consumables of Hypertherm plasma supply HPR130XD-HPR400XD

    Hypertherm Powermax plasma consumables from nozzle to torch
    If you know the part number, please place the order directly.
    If you don’t know the part number, please contact our sales staff and we will check it for you.

    This series of products are suitable for Hypertherm Plasma system Powermax Plasma consumables, which contains shield, Protection cap,nozzle, electrode, swirl ring with characteristics of high precision and long life.

    Application Materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, sheet metal, spring steel, gold, silver, etc.
    Application Industry:Sheet metal, kitchenware, components, decorations industry.

    USA Hypertherm plasma parts refer to the high-quality, cutting-edge plasma cutting parts manufactured by Hypertherm, a renowned American company specializing in industrial cutting solutions. These parts are designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability in various plasma cutting applications.

    Hypertherm plasma parts are known for their advanced technology and precision engineering. They are crafted using the highest quality materials and undergo stringent testing to ensure durability and longevity. With their innovative design, these parts deliver clean, smooth cuts, reducing the need for secondary operations and increasing productivity.

    The USA Hypertherm plasma parts include consumables such as electrodes, nozzles, and shields, as well as other components like torches and power supplies. These parts are compatible with a wide range of Hypertherm plasma cutting machines, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

    USA Hypertherm plasma parts are trusted by professionals in diverse industries, including metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding. They are backed by Hypertherm's extensive customer support network, providing technical assistance and guidance for maintenance and troubleshooting.

    In summary, USA Hypertherm plasma parts offer cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and reliability. With their precision engineering and high-quality materials, these parts are ideal for achieving superior cutting results in various industrial applications.

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Hypertherm nozzle electrode

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