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Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy Duty Design,4x12m working size, for thick plate up to 35mm plate cut by Hypertherm HPR130XD

Working Size:

Cut Thick:




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Plasma/Oxy-fuel Cutting

Gantry Type CNC Cutting Machine



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  • Honeybee Heavy Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Metal Sheet Cut Equipment which controlled by digital program. Except the high automation, it has the advantages of high precision, efficiency and material utilization. With the development of machinery and electronics and computer technology, CNC plasma cutters are more and more attended by enterprise due to good man-machine interface dialogue, strong auxiliary functions and the lower equipment investment. It is widely used on many fields like car, shipyard, engineering company and so on. The CNC cutter is constituted of framework, vertical drive, horizontal drive, rail, cutting torch components, CNC system, gas circuit system, electric system and vertical, horizontal towing device of hoses. The configuration of this Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine is especially for the small hole cut with very good quality without slag. Based on the Hypertherm Ture hole plasma cutting technology our cnc cutting machine could cut the minimum diameter as same as the thickness from 6 to 32mm.



    1.Different cutting torches, plasma, flame and strips, are optional according to customersrequirements.

    2.Gantry type box beam, double-side driving motors, compact, reliable and effective,     suitable for wide track working;  China top brand or imported guiding rails for horizontal transmission,  precise and stable.

    3.Imported or china top brands guide rails for horizontal transmission, high precision and excellent performance. Specialized rails for longitudinal transmission with surface grinded,   enjoy high working precision and abrasive resistance.

    4.Custom made racks and gear from professional manufacturers, surfaced carburized and quenched,  enjoy high precision; German NEU GART gear speed reducer adopted for horizontal and  longitudinal transmission, which is characterized of high precision, big torque and low bag gap.

    5.Adopted Panasonic servo system can detect location and enjoys a high working presion,  wide speed range and short acceleration time.

    6.Different cutting tools and cutting torch systems provided for flame cutting,plasma cutting, etc.

    7.Composed of gas box and gas distributing system, gas pipe adopts automatic ignition device  and back fire arrestor, thus a safe and stable working performance guaranteed.

    8.High power plasma power source for different materials cutting.

    9.Optional functions in accordance with customers requirements


    Technical Parameters:

    Item Parameter
    Frame Construction Gantry, Dual Drive
    CNC System USA Hypertherm Edge Connect,HBCNC
    Plasma Power Source USA Hypertherm MAXPRO200,XPR170,XPR300,HPR400HD for optional
    Plasma cutting Material Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, etc.
    Plasma cutting thickness 0-50mm depends on plasma
    Track Span 4000 mm-6000mm
    Working Width 3000 mm-5000mm
    Guide Rail Length 12000mm-30000mm
    Working Length 10000mm-28000mm
    Speed 12000mm/min
    Cutting Speed 0~6000 mm/min(can regulate continuously)
    Accuracy Intersection point misregistration: ±0.3mmDiagonal bias: ±0.3mm  
    Circle degree: ±0.3mm
    Direct line degree: ±0.2mm
    Power Working Voltage Plasma: 440V,CNC cutting machine: 220V
    Frequency 60HZ


    Cutting by Hypertherm HPR130XD plasma supply:

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