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Gantry Fiber Laser Cutter

Working Size Up to 3000x12000mm; Laser Power 10KW-30KW; 20-45mm Mild Steel Cut

Working Size:

Laser Power:

Cut Thick:



20-45mm Mild Steel


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Gantry Type Laser Cutting Machine



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  • This Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine have large cutting working size up to 3x16meters which can use for shipyard industry. It have much less shipping cost compare to a table type laser cutting machine. Usually need a frame container to ship a 6000 x 2000mm working size laser cutter which cost much high. Further a frame container can not ship a 3x6m working size table type laser cutting machine.


    1. The fuselage adopts a low center of gravity design and a compact structure.    
    2. The maximum fast forward speed can reach 60m/min    
    A safety light curtain is installed directly in front of the fuselage for high safety.    
    Professional cutting system, easy to operate!    
    3. Gantry double drive adopts advanced rack and pinion transmission structure. Equipped with ground gears and racks, assembled in one measurement with precision collimators. The machine will ensure long-term high cutting speed, high precision transmission.    
    4. The guide rail base processed by a large gantry milling machine, secondary high-temperature annealing, high-strength welding, long-term use.    
    5. The beam structure adopts modular design, and the aviation aluminum control processing can effectively control the weight of the beam. This structural design greatly improves high-speed response and cutting accuracy.

    Technical parameters:

    Laser typeFiber laser
    Laser power3000W-20000W optional
    Cutting area12000mm*3000mm
    Max cutting thickness0-45mm mild steel,0-50mm stainless steel
    Max moving speed0-50m/min
    Cutting accuracy≤0.02mm
    Min cutting ker0.10mm
    Cooling modelwater cooling
    Power supplyAC 380V±5% 50Hz
    Power Consumption30-120 KW
    Rail TypeTaiwan Linear Rail

    Cut test video:


    With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, traditional sheet metal cutting equipment can no longer meet the current process and cutting shape requirements. Laser cutting has gradually replaced traditional equipment with its advantages of high flexibility and fast cutting speed. Fiber laser cutting machine Wide application in sheet metal processing is an inevitable trend. Metal sheet cut by fiber laser or plasma, plate thickness from 1-50mm ms or ss.

    Details of the laser cutting machine:

    Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head:

    • Bigger Adjustment Range :Adjustment range -10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20mm different types of plates.
    • Long Service Life:Collimator lens and focus lens both have water-cooling heat sink which reduces the temperature of the cutting head to improve the life of the cutting head.

     Aluminum Gantry Beam:

    High hardness:

    Aerospace aluminum is manufactured to aerospace standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press. The hardness can reach T6 after processing.

    High acceleration


    Super heavy welded bed

    • It is welded by heavy steel plate, the current mainstream bed structure, high stability;
    • Effect force annealing treatment, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform;
    • Reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile resistance of the bed, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed;
    • The heavier weight of the laser bed, the small vibration of the machine, and the good shock resistance ensure the improvement of cutting accuracy.)

    Cypcut  Laser Controller

    CypCut flat cutting software is a software suite specially developed for deep customization of laser cutting.

    Industry, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions.

    Help finding edges

    Two-stage capacitive edge search with dual-drive drift autocorrection



    Laser Source:

    6KW,12KW 20W America IPG Fiber Lasers Source for optional
    World Famous Brand

    Honeybee H series fiber laser cutting machine equip high power fiber laser of IPG. Powerful cutting ability with stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials, cutting thickness is up to 40mm.

    Long Service Life

    The world leading IPG laser has stable performance, the service life can reach 100000 hours, and the overall quality of the equipment can be guaranteed safely.

    Stable Cutting Performance

    Fiber laser source can produce excellent beam quality, finer cutting lines, higher working efficiency and better machining quality. Fully closed constant temperature working environment makes laser source more effective to ensure the stable operation.




    Laser cutting samples:

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Sheet metal laser cutting machine

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