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Fiber Laser Machine

Laser Power 1KW-20KW; Mild Steel Cut from 10-40mm; Working Size 1500x3000-2500x8000mm

Working Size:

Laser Power:

Cut Thick:



10-40mm MS


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Open Type Laser Cutting Machine



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  • High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machines HN-D6020


    Gantry double rack & pinion, double servo motor drive system, 1G acceleration to ensure higher production efficiency;

    Imported large gantry milling machine, tempering treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, its geometric accuracy is within 0.03mm;

    Crossbeam are made through drawing and finishing process, light weight, high rigidity, high dynamic performance;

    Germany IPG laser generator has high wall-plug efficiency over 30%, greatly saving power and achieving the highest efficiency;

    Auto-focus Precitec or Friendness Cypcut laser cutting head, integrates with detailed cutting parameters, easy for operation;

    Cutting head has the leapfrog function, parabolic motion between the cutting contours. Automatic frog jump during switching contours, high cutting efficiency;

    It has the detection functions, such as: automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display, fast trouble shooting, can effectively reduce maintenance costs;

    Professional nesting software, highly compatible with cutting system, automatic edge searching and sharp corner smoothing functions, can achieve high-speed piercing and fast array scanning cutting functions.

    Parameters of G series open fiber laser cutting machines:





    Max pipe cutting

    160mm(Round Pipe)

    210mm(Round Pipe)

    300mm(Round Pipe)

    Plate Size




    Laser power




    No-load Speed




    Loading Weight of Platforms




    X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy




    X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy




    Cut samples:

    How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine?

    In today's metal processing industry, laser equipment is used more and more widely. Laser cutting technology is now quite mature. In the cutting industry, it has a very large market share, but there are still many users who do not know how to choose the right laser cutting machine. Machine, in fact, can be considered from the following aspects:

    1. The scope of analysis of the materials processed by the enterprise and the needs of the business
    1.1 About power

    First of all, we have to consider factors such as our business scope, the thickness of the cutting material, which materials to cut, etc., and then determine the power of the equipment that needs to be purchased. The thicker the plate, the more difficult it is to cut, and the greater the power required.

    Nowadays, Chinese laser cutting machines are divided into the following three different types: low power, medium power and high power. Generally speaking, low-power manufacturers are the most concentrated in the market. Due to mature technology and low threshold, various manufacturers continue to simplify laser cutting machines and material cutting to maximize profits. Therefore, to choose a laser cutting machine with low power consumption, it is safest to choose a brand with quality assurance. In addition to the high quality of these equipment companies themselves, medium-power and high-power laser cutting machines are also used as a kind of information technology, so there are far fewer manufacturers of medium and high-power laser cutting machines than low-power manufacturers. After all, it is an important technology. management work.

    Generally speaking, it is better to use laser to cut 12mm carbon steel and 6mm stainless steel. There is a misunderstanding that needs to be corrected. The maximum cutting thickness of laser cutting is not a high-quality cutting thickness. What does it mean? For example, the maximum cutting thickness in China is 16mm. It is a kind of machine learning that can increase the cutting speed by 16mm, but it is not suitable for enterprises to cut 16mm for a long time. Just like the development of a car in my country, the maximum speed of 200 yards cannot run 200 yards all the time, which will affect the service life of the machine.

    1.2 About format
    As for the size, the mainstream is 3015, which is 3 meters by 1.5 meters. However, size is not an issue. Generally speaking, the company will have various types of sizes for customers to choose from. The size of the workbench can generally be customized by the manufacturer according to the needs of customers.

    1.3 About glitches
    Regarding the issue of these burrs, this process is actually the most concerned by customers. Generally speaking, solid yag has a little bit of burrs, which is mainly determined by the thickness of the cutting material and the use of different gases. Generally, there is no burr if it is less than 4 mm. The gas has the best effect on nitrogen and oxygen, followed by the worst effect on air. The advantage of laser cutting of metal materials is on thin plates. If you want to cut thick plates, it is recommended to choose CO2 cutting machine control or water cutting technology and so on. In addition, if you want less burrs, you can choose a fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting surface is very smooth and fast.

    1.4 About the configuration of laser cutting machine
    Then, about the configuration management of Chinese laser cutting machines. With the development of the laser industry, there are more and more brands of laser cutting machines, and the prices are becoming more and more confusing. It is conceivable that the configuration of the machine is also uneven, and many manufacturers even deceive customers under the guise of the brand. Here, I hope that customers can pay attention to the core parts of China's laser cutting: whether the laser and laser head are imported or domestic, famous or miscellaneous. At the same time, attention should also be paid to other accessories for laser cutting. For example, the motor is not an imported motor, guide rail, bed, etc., which will affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent. One thing we need to pay attention to is the cooling control system of the laser cutting machine - the cooling cabinet. Many enterprises and companies can directly use household air conditioners to cool down. In fact, everyone knows that the effect is very bad. The best way is to use Only air conditioners dedicated to the electronics industry and special planes can truly achieve the best results.

    2. Choose the right price according to your budget
    Many customers take the capital input-output ratio into consideration when purchasing equipment. Compared with low-power laser cutting machines, high-power cutting efficiency must have great advantages, but the higher the power, the higher the price. Many customers want to Choose high power, but considering the affordability of funds, customers will be hesitant.

    Of course, in addition to the power factor of the laser cutting machine affecting the main price of the study, other resource allocations will also have an important impact, such as air compressors, dust collectors, and water coolers. Laser cutter configurations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and prices can vary widely. Therefore, when choosing to use a laser cutting machine for branding, considering the price, the best solution is to choose a cost-effective laser automatic cutting machine equipment manufacturer.

    3. Preliminary selection of manufacturers
    After determining the requirements, we can go to the market to understand or buy laser cutting machine peers to see the performance and basic parameters of the machine. Select a few manufacturers with strength and preferential prices to conduct research on communication skills and proofing in the early stage. In the later stage, our teachers can conduct on-site inspections, and conduct on-the-spot investigations on the price of a machine, machine training, payment management methods, and after-sales service. Learn more detailed talks.

    4. The the laser power capacity
    When we choose the performance of the laser cutting machine, we must fully consider our own environment. The size of the laser power is very critical. For example, we often cut metal plates below 6mm, so we choose a 500W-700W laser cutting machine to meet the production requirements. Yes, if the cutting material exceeds 6mm, we need to consider a little mechanical power. Therefore, it is of great help to the cost control of the enterprise.

    5. The core part of the laser cutting machine
    Some of the laser cutting machines have important components, and we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially for laser transmitters, laser cutting heads, motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc., it is necessary to distinguish between domestic and imported. These working parts directly affect the cutting speed and precision of Chinese laser cutting machines. Many domestic manufacturers will choose to use domestically produced parts to deceive customers.

    6. The quality and stability of equipment are also important indicators
    Now the research and development cycle of our products is short, the replacement is getting faster and faster, the diversity of products, sample trial production, and mass production are more, how to complete the management orders of target customers with quality and quantity, maintain the reputation of Chinese enterprises, and strengthen the core of Chinese enterprises The development of competitiveness is also a arduous task before every operator, so the purchase of processing technology equipment with relatively stable performance is the premise and foundation. Try to choose different products with a high market share, a sound after-sales service economic system, and many after-sales service outlets. Moreover, brands that have been analyzed and tested by the long-term capital market cannot buy products with poor quality of life and no after-sales service just because they are greedy for low prices. This will have a huge impact on the production of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    7. After-sales service
    After-sales service varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and warranty times vary. In terms of after-sales service, we not only provide customers with an effective daily maintenance technical solution, but also have our own professional training and education system for machines and laser software to help corporate customers get started as soon as possible.

    In addition, no matter how good a laser cutting machine is, users will encounter various problems during use. Faced with the problems that customers cannot solve themselves, it is particularly important for manufacturers to provide timely solutions. This is why we buy An important factor to consider when buying a laser cutter.



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