2024 Dalian Summer Davos

From June 25th to 27th, 2024, the 15th Summer Davos Forum will be held at Dalian International Convention Center.With the theme of “New Frontiers for Future Growth”, this forum attracted more than 1,600 representatives from the political, business, academic and media circles from nearly 80 countries and regions to participate.

During the forum, the participants conducted in-depth discussions on six major themes such as “The New Global Economy”, “China and the World”, “Entrepreneurship in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”, “The New Frontier of Industry”, “Investing in People”, and “The interconnection of climate, Nature and Energy”, and jointly explored the new kinetic energy and new path of world economic growth.


The summer Davos Forum is known as the “weather vane of the world economy”. After a lapse of five years, Dalian once again held the summer Davos Forum. This is the eighth “signing” between the summer Davos Forum and Dalian.The successful holding of this forum has provided a good opportunity to promote global innovation dialogue and will create new opportunities for the sustainable development of the world economy.At the same time, it also showed the world a more civilized, open, inclusive and innovative Dalian.