Hypertherm offered new product XPR460 training for Honeybee CNC

On June 20, 2024, the American company Hypertherm came to our company to conduct special training on the new product XPR460 plasma power supply. This training is designed to help us better grasp the characteristics of the new plasma and provide customers with better cutting solutions.

Compared with the previous generation product HPR400XD, the XPR460 plasma power supply has been significantly upgraded in many aspects. First of all, XPR460 has higher cutting accuracy, which can significantly reduce the need for secondary processing, thus improving production efficiency. Secondly, the new product cuts faster and can complete more cutting tasks in less time. Furthermore, XPR460 has greatly improved the cutting thickness. With the help of argon gas, its stainless steel perforation capacity can reach 70mm, and cutting off capacity even reached 127mm!

In addition, XPR460 also simplifies the types of consumable parts, allowing customers to reduce inventory types and optimize costs. Through this training, we understand the advantages of XPR460, and believe that XPR460 will further improve our customers production efficiency and quality.

This training and the introduction of new products reflect Hypertherm's high attention to technological innovation and customer support, and also indicate that Honeybee CNC cutting technology application will reach a new level.