Facts of CNC plasma cutting machines

What are the factors of buying a CNC portable Plasma cutting machine?

1. Your target price:

A CNC portable plasma cutter usually cost $1300-4500 depends on different brand and quality.

2.Working size:

Usually the working size is 1500x3000mm -2000x6000mm

3.Can  your machine work on the the plasma supply ?

Yes usually the CNC portable cutter can connect to any brand plasma supply, the CNC need signal of Arc+ ,Arc- and start. All different brand plasma supply will have .

 ①:It is easy to use or not ?

Some CNC portable plasma using external torch height control have it need complex setting which is hard to a fresh man. Honeybee CNC portable plasma cutting machine using a build-in type torch height control board to control the torch height and no need complex setting which is make the operator easy to use the machines. ESAB CROSSBOW cutter also using this kind of torch height control and they are very popular .

② How to use the CNC portable plasma cutting machine ?

  1. There have 24 different build-in shape ,if the shapes you want to cut in the library ,you could use them directly .
  2. If the shapes that you want to cut not have on the library of the CNC controller ,you need to make a  shape by AutoCAD, then convert the CAD drawing to G code that can be read by FASTCAM software.
  3. Loading the cutting file to CNC cutting machine,run the machine,cutting automatically and finish until the programme finished .