Company trip to Thailand

2024.1.28 is a beautiful day. The company has completed its scheduled performance and everyone has worked hard for the same goal. Therefore, the company decided to invite all members and their families to travel to Thailand.

The company's friends and their families arrived at Dalian Airport happily early in the morning, and the gathering was completed at 5 a.m.;
Partners of the Guangzhou branch directly take the flight from Guangzhou to Bangkok. We will all meet in Thailand around noon.
After arriving in Thailand, the children could not hide their curiosity about a foreign country. Especially for the children, it was their first time going abroad and everything felt so new.

In the next few days, we visited many famous attractions in Thailand under the guidance of a tour guide;

We visited the magnificent Grand Palace together, felt its majesty and splendor, and learned about Thailand’s history and culture. Families and staff walked together in the courtyard of the palace, feeling like they were transported back in time.

The transvestite show and the elephant show brought us endless joy. The gorgeous performances of the ladyboys are intoxicating, and the intelligence of the elephants amazes us. The children's laughter echoed in the air, and the warmth of the family filled every moment.


On beautiful islands, we dive into clear waters and explore the mysterious underwater world. The colorful corals and tropical fish have become the most beautiful scenery in our eyes.

Thai massage allows us to relax and soothe our body and soul during our tiring journey.

This trip to Thailand is not only a team activity, but also a family reunion. Together we create wonderful memories and strengthen the bonds between our employees and their families.

Thanks to the company for providing us with such an unforgettable trip, which left a deep footprint on the land of Thailand. We will return to work with full energy and inspiration and continue to work hard!

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The company's cutting equipment is Honeybee CNC brand, including various plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, industrial robots, etc. Honeybee CNC machines are widely used in shipbuilding, mining machinery, construction machinery, petrochemical equipment, power generation equipment, construction machinery, pressure vessels, pipeline engineering and other equipment material cutting.


Honeybee CNC machines have a wide range of applications and are suitable for various types of enterprises. The product sales cover many domestic and overseas markets, and have been exported to South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Germany, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Nigeria, Ecuador, etc. more than 60 countries and regions. 


Honeybee CNC faces customers with the values of refinement, innovation, trust, responsibility, gratitude and altruism, provide customers with the best metal cutting solutions with efficient and professional services, help the development of the metal processing industry, and make contributions to social progress.