Welcome Amon to visit our company

Welcome Amon to visit our company

Amon visited our company in Mar. 23th., 2023. He is now studying at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics with a doctorate degree in finance. He is originally from Uganda, where his family has their own logistics company.


He was our first customer to knock on the door without an appointment. His friend had known some products of our company before and was very interested in them. His university was close to our company, so his friend asked him to come to our company to learn about the situation, so as to facilitate future cooperation.


Since he didn't know much about our products when he first came here, we let him have a general understanding of our products through sample books and some videos. Then we drove to our factory for a field trip. With the factory display of the gantry type plasma cutting machine to cut a sample to him. At present, in order to better meet his needs, we are still discussing the specific configuration of the machine. Wish us a pleasant cooperation.

The thickness of sheets: 16mm MS

Plasma source: Huayuan LGK-200IGBT