Honeybee annual meeting of 2023

HoneybeeCNC held its annual meeting on January 20, 2024. At this annual meeting, the company not only invited partner companies, but also extended invitations to the family members of the company's employees, so the number of people attending the annual meeting increased significantly compared with the past. The company prepared exquisite souvenirs for every guest present.The company's employees performed their best performances at the company's annual meeting, such as dance, magic, singing performances, talk shows, etc. At the company's annual meeting dinner, company leaders had friendly exchanges and talks with partners. The company leaders summarized and expressed their views on the past 2023. At the same time, the leaders also put forward new expectations for employees in 2024 and best wishes for the company's future development. During the annual meeting, leaders awarded certificates and trophies to outstanding employees of the company. In addition, the winning employees also received corresponding bonuses.The company designed many interesting games at the annual meeting, and many guests actively participated in the games. At the end of the game, participants will receive a small gift as a game reward.

Everyone was very happy at the annual meeting.

Part two

The company sent two new colleagues for training on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and the training content centered on operational work. During the training period, the two novices not only learned theoretical knowledge, but also conducted practical operations during Wednesday's training.During the training, they learned a lot of new knowledge and realized the importance of operational work.During the training process, the two friends studied the training content carefully, took notes carefully during the training process, and performed actual operations under the guidance of the notes after the training. I believe the two friends have grown in the training. In the coming weekend, the company will organize its employees to go to Thailand to celebrate the company's overfulfillment of last year's goals. Employees are making adequate preparations for the upcoming trip.Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming trip. This trip lasts for seven days. The trip can not only enhance the team awareness of everyone in the company, but also help enhance the team's collaboration ability.In addition to employees participating in company-organized tours, employees' families can also participate in travel activities, which can enhance employees' family happiness.

Looking forward to the coming weekend.