Congratulations to Honeybee CNC for becoming the OEM partner of Kjellberg plasma consumable parts

Kjellberg laser plasma cutting system from Germany

Congratulations to Honeybee CNC for becoming the OEM partner of  Kjellberg for plasma system and consumables!

Now Honeybee is one of the 2 big OEM partner of Kjellberg in China.

Kjellberg, a German company, is one of the R&D institutions and manufacturers of global plasma cutting system giants, and is a representative of advanced technology in the field of plasma cutting. Its high-performance laser-like (HiFocus) and new laser-like (SmartFocus) represent technological innovations in plasma cutting systems. Kelber's full range of plasma systems HiFocus600i and the newly launched SmarFocus130, SmarFocus200, SmarFocus300 and SmarFocus440 cover metal cutting applications with thicknesses from 0.5mm to 160mm. The salient feature of Kelbei laser plasma system is high-density and high-energy plasma arc, which has better cutting quality, stronger cutting ability, faster cutting speed, and consumes less gas. It is a higher level of plasma cutting technology.

Dalian Honeybee CNC is a pioneer in the CNC plasma industry and an important OEM agent of Hypertherm. This cooperation with Kelber will definitely allow more users to benefit from  Kjellberg's products and services.