In what industries can laser cutting machines be used?

In the process of sheet metal processing, blanking is one of the important links. The use of fiber laser cutting machines for cutting and blanking can bring users the advantages of high precision and high efficiency in material processing, which is currently a hot trend. A fully intelligent processing equipment. The application range of fiber laser cutting machines is very wide. Let Honeybee Laser introduce to you the industries that use fiber laser cutting machines the most.

1. Decoration industry
Because laser cutting machines are fast and flexible in cutting, they can quickly form many complex graphics and are very popular among decoration companies. As long as it is what the customer needs, it can be cut directly after the drawings are made through computer-aided design and the relevant materials are provided. There is no difficulty if the customer requires customization.


2.Automobile industry
Laser cutting machine technology is also needed in many places in the automobile industry, such as car front covers, automobile sheet metal, etc., which need to be processed after forming some redundant corners or burrs. If manual operation is used, it is difficult to achieve ideal standards in efficiency and accuracy. Laser cutting with a robot can handle it quickly!


3. Advertising industry
The advertising industry is very personal and traditional methods are ineffective. Laser cutting machines are perfect for this industry. No matter what kind of word it is, no matter how many different companies there are, or how weird the customer needs are, it can be produced quickly.

4.Kitchen appliance industry
Nowadays, there are more and more houses and decorations, and the demand for kitchenware-related products is increasing. Laser cutting machines are very suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, with fast speed, high precision, good effect, and can achieve customization and personalization. The product development is deeply loved by kitchenware manufacturers.

5. Lighting industry
At present, mainstream outdoor lamps are all large light tubes, cut into different types, and there are more and more retro products with various types. Traditional cutting methods are too inefficient to achieve personalized development. Laser cutters have just solved this problem. Computer operation can also save a lot of labor costs.


6. Sheet metal processing
In short, sheet metal processing is cutting various plates and various graphic parts. The advantages of laser cutting machines are fully utilized in this industry. It saves time and effort, has high cutting accuracy, uses less material, and the scrap can be used in processing. The sheet metal industry should be one of the industries that use laser cutting machines the most.


7. Container industry
Including power distribution boxes, computer cases, etc., they are all processed and produced from relatively thin plates, and the speed requirements are very high. The four to six station laser cutting machine is the most suitable and fast. It is even possible to cut in double layers on certain specified panels.


8. Fitness equipment
In recent years, many people in China have been in a sub-healthy state, and many companies have attached great importance to spreading the concept of sports and health. Many community fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have developed rapidly, and the demand is very large. Basically, there is a huge demand for both plates and tubes. In response to market demand, many manufacturers have also produced laser cutting machines for both plate and tube purposes, which are also of great help to the fitness equipment industry.

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