60,000-watt laser source

How strong can a beam of light be? On the opening day of the 24th ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, the world's first industrial-grade highest-power laser cutting machine gave the answer: cutting through a 100 mm thick carbon steel plate in seconds. The 60,000-watt laser cutting machine with this "unparalleled martial arts" has become the "brightest star" of the entire optoelectronics exhibition area.

On March 29, a 60,000-watt laser cutting machine performed a cutting demonstration at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the electric light and flint, the onlookers kept saying "cow", "magical", "powerful" and other exclamations. According to reports, when cutting 20 mm thick carbon steel, the cutting machine's efficiency is 667% higher than that of a 20,000-watt equipment and 92% higher than that of a 30,000-watt equipment. When cutting 50 mm thick carbon steel, the efficiency of this cutting machine is 1000% higher than that of 20,000 watt equipment and 633% higher than that of 30,000 watt equipment. In addition, this equipment also increases the cutting limit thickness of stainless steel from 200 mm to 315 mm.


The fiber laser, the core component of this 60,000-watt laser cutting machine that shone brightly in the audience, is Chuangxin Laser from Baoan, Shenzhen.



Create a new record in the laser cutting industry


It is understood that Chuangxin Laser has been deeply involved in the laser industry for 19 years and is a domestic head laser manufacturer; Pentium Laser Group is a well-known domestic industrial laser equipment manufacturer. The 60,000-watt laser cutting machine released this time embodies the core technologies of these two leading companies, that is, it uses a 60,000-watt laser independently developed by Chuangxin Laser, equipped with an intelligent laser cutting head independently developed by Pentium Laser, and equipped with Pentium's unique SM operating system.


The joint research and development between powerful forces has brought about a technological leap. Judging from the multiple data disclosed by the on-site technical person in charge, this 60,000-watt laser cutting machine has refreshed the world's industrial level in many aspects such as cutting thickness and efficiency. A record for high-power laser cutting.


As the transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, 10,000-watt laser cutting machines are facing huge business opportunities, and replacing traditional processing equipment such as plasma has become their biggest growth point.


It is understood that at present, traditional cutting tools such as plasma and flame are still used in industries such as shipbuilding, heavy machinery, and steel structures where the demand for thick plates is huge. These traditional cutting methods commonly have problems such as wide slits, relatively low precision, and large tapers. During the cutting process, pollution such as arc radiation, smoke, and noise will also be generated.

60,000-watt laser cutting not only solves the above problems, but also breaks through the thickness that laser cutting could not achieve in the past, making it possible to process ultra-thick materials such as steel ingots and iron ingots. Pentium Laser President Wu Rangda said that the emergence of 60,000-watt laser cutting machines can basically completely replace traditional thick plate processing processes such as plasma, flame, and sawing machines.


More than 95% of core devices are independently controllable


Speaking of 60,000-watt laser cutting machines, we have to pay attention to its core component-fiber laser. Fiber laser, the "heart" of laser manufacturing, is as important to laser cutting machines as motors are to cars.


In recent years, my country's laser technology has developed rapidly, and a number of domestic companies have successfully achieved technological breakthroughs. Chuangxin Laser, founded in 2004, is one of the best.


As a national high-tech enterprise based in Shenzhen, Chuangxin Laser has been committed to providing faster "knives" for laser applications for many years. According to reports, Chuangxin Laser has achieved independent production of more than 95% of optical devices and has independent intellectual property rights in two core technologies: fiber lasers and optical devices. The first 25 kilowatt, 30,000 watt, 40,000 watt, 50,000 watt, and 60,000 watt lasers used in the industrial field in China are all produced by Chuangxin.


It only took Chuangxin Laser less than 8 months to go from a 50,000-watt laser to a 60,000-watt laser, which is inseparable from its years of technology accumulation in the laser industry.


In 2020, Chuangxin Laser will take the lead in opening the door to 10,000-watt laser cutting applications based on its "efficiency advantage". Nowadays, 10,000-watt lasers have almost become standard equipment or necessities for processing manufacturers.


According to reports, the 60,000-watt laser on this product inherits the excellent genes of Chuangxin Lasers globally unique single-module 10,000-watt one high, two small, and three claddingfeatures, and has excellent features such as compact structure, high efficiency and high reliability. Zeng Jianfeng, head of the Chuangxin Laser brand, said, "The 60,000-watt laser will help customers establish a new 'generational advantage' and bring comprehensive upgrades to customers in terms of cutting quality, cutting efficiency and high-integration intelligence."


Build a laser technology innovation ecological chain


Chuangxin Laser's factory is located in Xinqiao·Shenzhen Laser Valley, Xinqiao Street, Bao'an District, which also confirms the current industry consensus of "Look to Guangdong for national lasers, Shenzhen for Guangdong lasers, and Bao'an for Shenzhen lasers."


The success of Chuangxin Laser is just a microcosm of the development of Baoans laser and additive manufacturing industry cluster. At present, Baoan ranks first in the city in terms of the proportion of added value of this cluster, and ranks first in the country in terms of industrial scale and number of enterprises, accounting for about 30% of the province and 70% of the city. Within the jurisdiction, there are both "aircraft carriers" such as Han's Global Laser Manufacturing Headquarters and "rising stars" such as Laser Valley. A complete laser technology innovation ecological chain has been gradually built.


In the "20+8" list of industrial clusters released by Shenzhen last year, the laser and additive manufacturing industry clusters were prominently listed. The "Shenzhen Action Plan to Cultivate and Develop Laser and Additive Manufacturing Industry Clusters (2022-2025)" shows that by 2025, the added value of this industry will reach 14 billion yuan, forming an industrial development covering source innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and innovative applications. ecology.


Shao Huo, secretary-general of the Shenzhen Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, said in an interview, Accelerating the cultivation of strategic emerging laser industry clusters will promote the transformation of the industry from mid- to low-end to high-end, and help Shenzhens manufacturing industry accelerate its leap to high-quality intelligent manufacturing. .In the near future, the output value of Shenzhen's laser and additive manufacturing industry cluster will soon reach 100 billion yuan."