Honeybee CNC Seventh Anniversary Celebration

Honeybee CNC Seventh Anniversary Celebration


July 22, 2023 is the 7th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Today, our employees and their families celebrate Honeybee CNC's 7th birthday.

The years record the journey, live up to the encounter, and be grateful for the company. In the past seven years, we have been in the same boat through thick and thin, and we have witnessed the growth of the company together. Seven years of hand in hand, 2,555 days of wind and rain, 61,320 hours of fighting side by side, we have experienced the pain and joy of growing up, the pain and joy of tempering together, and witnessed the rise and development of Honey together! I hope that our Honeybee CNC partners will not forget their original aspirations, forge ahead.





                                    Our company's main products fiber laser cnc cutting machine,plasma cnc cutting machine, laser welding machine, plasma source and laser,plasma parts. We will serve each of our customers with 100% enthusiasm.

        Our company's mission: to provide customers with high-quality metal processing solutions while pursuing the double happiness of all members and family members, to help the development of the metal processing industry, and to contribute to social progress.

        Believe in yourself, believe in the future, and let us move towards a beautiful tomorrow for Honeybee CNC with excitement.