Laser cutting machine boot sequence

Laser cutting machine boot sequence


1. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal

2. Check whether the auxiliary gas is turned on before starting the machine, and check whether the air pressure reaches the set air pressure value when using compressed air

3. Follow the start button of the device to power the machine

4. Power the servo

5. The water chiller is powered, and the laser is turned on when the air temperature reaches the set temperature (otherwise the chiller will display an alarm, just clear it)

6. Turn on the laser

ON/Off is the laser on switch. After starting, wait for about 1 minute, wait for the laser self-test to complete, and then click the START button. This button controls the emission of the laser, and it must be kept on.

Make sure the emergency stop switch is on,

Turn on the laser power supply,

Put the key switch on the front panel to the "ON" position

Press the START button on the front panel (for external control mode).

7. Turn on the laser cutting system

shutdown sequence

1. Turn off the laser key

2. After the cooling fan of the chiller stops, turn off the power of the chiller

3. Turn off the servo power supply

4. Turn off the laser cutting system

5. Turn off the cutting machine power

6. Close all gas valves