Laser head focus detection and adjustment

In order to ensure cutting quality and cutting accuracy, the focus of the laser head needs to be in the middle of the nozzle. if the position is not correct,
it needs to be adjusted.

1. Check whether the focus is in the center
Paste a piece of scotch tape to stick the nozzle below the nozzle of the laser head,

Use the handle to close the shutter, press the laser to shoot, and then take off the tape. A small hole will be punched on the tape by the laser. Check whether it is in the center of the nozzle. If there is a deviation, you need to adjust it.

2. Adjustment method
Use a hexagonal wrench to slightly twist the screw at the mark of the laser head to adjust, X is the left-right direction, and Y is the front-back direction. After the adjustment, stick the tape on the nozzle and test it with a laser point until the focus is accurate.

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