How to choose a CNC metal plate cutter?

There is no direst relation between cutting efficiency and machine. Compared with the manual cutting equipment CNC cutter still reflects a considerable high precision and high efficiency. But with the so-called increase in machining accuracy and efficiency is not a concept. Measuring CNC cutting machine is based on the evaluation of the reliability of the use of the equipment and the use of results such as the precision of its processing parts, roughness and production efficiency.

For such equipment, under the premise of meeting the cutting requirements of the various processes pursuit of the system should focus on pursuing as follows:

1.CNC cutting work environment is poor, large dust, temperature changes, vibration when the device is running so the reliability of the system is most important

2.Hardware and software performance can well meet the cutting requirements of a variety of processes

3.Graphic input is simple, on-site operating performance and allowing on-site operators easy to operate and maintain.

4.Have a better operational convenience, such as  there are a variety of mobile alignment and control key operation in the torch above.

Some customers are always unclear cutting machine and power problems. CNC plasma Cutting machine ensure the cutting accuracy and power is guaranteed cutting thickness, tilt, with or without burrs and slag problems. So in the selection, you only need to focus on the high precision you want, the maximum length and width of the steel and then you can choose the product you want.